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The Forbidden Islands Are Calling, Revealing Their Secrets After a shipwreck, you are stranded on an uncharted island. Travel the land and dangerous seas, explore and adapt to any situation to survive.

The Forbidden Islands Are Calling You, Reveal Their Secrets

You fell on a deserted island after a shipwreck. Travel the land and dangerous seas, explore and adapt to any situation to survive.

As a warrior named Kara, you were caught in a fierce storm and separated from your tribe. You fell from your boat and were at the mercy of the choppy waters and were thrown onto the shores of the mysterious paradise of the Forbidden Islands.

Explore the rich resources of this wonderful island, with no boats, no food, and no tools, just your will and ability to survive. Craft tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself against nature's wild but fantastic creatures.

Secrets of the past and signs of the future are revealed as you explore distant islands and the ruins that pervade their lands. If you solve the mystery behind all this, you may encounter more than just finding your way home.

Reveal Hidden Secrets

Embark on a personal journey and discover the history of the idyllic Forbidden Islands, each of which holds the key to a mystery and unexpected discoveries.

Embark on an Endless Exploration

Make your way to the horizon by making your way through islands, each with its own distinct wildlife, landscapes, and challenges to face.

Get On With What You Find On Land

Gather resources from the wilderness of your islands that you can use to hunt in the wild and craft a range of tools and weapons to upgrade your boat. When resources run low, you must set sail.

Build the Perfect Boat

Your boat is your most important companion; carefully craft your own custom sailboat to cross treacherous waters and move from one island to another. Your boat; Design it to withstand stormy winds, terrifying waves, and deadly sea creatures.

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