How to Play PC Games on Your Smartphone

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Play PC Games on Your Smartphone

I don't know why, but some perverts want to play computer games from a smartphone. In this post, I will show you how to do it.

You will need an Android smartphone and Parsec to achieve the desired result.

How to properly set up Parsec to play from your smartphone

You can download the utility on a Windows, macOS, or Linux computer. At the same time, the developers promise support for 60 fepis. Of course, the quality of the final result will depend on the power of the PC, intelligence, and network bandwidth.

What gamepad do you need?

For the most comfortable game, you need a suitable controller. An Xbox or PlayStation gamepad is perfect for this. And it is better to pair with a smartphone via a USB OTG cable. So you can compensate for lags and network conflicts when streaming the game.

Network configuration

Of course, you can play over Wi-Fi, but it would be better to connect your computer to a router via Ethernet to increase the data transfer speed.

If you do not like this option, make sure that Wi-Fi operates at a frequency of 5GHz. And the PC and intelligence are connected to this network and are in the same room. The wall will definitely eat up some of the signals.

In general, Parsec supports the connection in different networks, but you have to work even more complex with the settings and agree to even more significant signal losses.

Wrestling in Parsec

After installing and launching the application for the first time, you will be prompted to register. So you can control connected devices, make all the settings, and even create gaming network parties.

Setting up on Android

Now it's time to download the Android version of the app. Do this, launch, and log in with your account. But first, make sure you are on the same network as your computer.

The main setup will take place from a PC, but you can play around with client settings and network settings in the mobile version.

In the Client section, you can activate the display of buttons and the Parsec overlay. This way, you can quickly manage the server-client of the application.

And in the Network section, you can specify the connection port and UPnP parameters.

Setting on a computer.

In the older version of Parsec, go to Settings > Host for basic application configuration. Here you can specify bandwidth and resolution limits for the game.

The Client section is worth checking the Renderer, Vsync, and Decoder Mode settings. My advice is to enable vertical sync (Vsync) and set Windows to use DirectX in the Renderer. Set the decoder to Accelerated, or specify discrete graphics to reduce latency. Older PCs may not have this setting.

I described the basic settings that you definitely need to make. However, a working setup will have to be identified in practice during the game.

Let's play Cyka Blyat, Kurwa!

No dancing with a tambourine is needed to run a PC game on a smartphone or tablet. Just start the game on your computer, open Parsec on your smartphone, select your computer and press the Connect button.

After that, the controller connected to the smartphone will take control of the game, and an image from the PC will appear on the smartphone screen.

What other options are there

Of course, Parsec isn't the only way to stream games from a PC to Android. However, this application has long established itself in the streaming of PC-PC matches. Still, here are some more options:

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