How to listen to music together from a distance

Music Together

Music Together

I already talked about services that allow you to watch movies and TV shows with someone from a distance. This time I want to talk about similar methods, but those who love with their ears.

Thanks to these applications, you can listen to music simultaneously with your friends, as if you were in the same room.


This is one of the most popular streaming services, which means that you and your friends probably have a subscription to it. The Android and iOS apps have an option called "Group Session."

To do this, start playback, tap on the device icon and click the Start Session button. Then you can invite your friends.


You can start the so-called Listening Lounge (listening room) with this application. Your friends (or even randoms) can listen to music simultaneously, suggest their tracks, and vote for top songs. The application offers playlists in popular ways if you don't have your own ideas.

The app is free, but a Spotify or Apple Music subscription is required.


In general, this application is needed to listen to playlists compiled by celebrities and, for some reason, primarily athletes.

However, you can create your own channel and listen to music with your friends. For the playlist, you can specify what you prefer to do with such harmony and share it with friends, and you can discuss it in the built-in chat.

There is support for Spotify and Apple Music, and the app itself is free.


The first application is available on all popular operating systems and web versions. JQBX is free to use but requires a Spotify subscription.

After authorization, you need to create a room and invite friends. Or you can join one of the open communities. You can like and dislike the current track, track popular songs among users.


Free, but only available for iOS. And a Spotify subscription is required.

After connecting to your Spotify account, you can call your Facebook friends 🤦‍♂️. And then, it remains only to start the broadcast in the application.

You can chat with friends in the built-in chat or just listen to music in splendid isolation.


Available on iOS and in the browser, but... The app works at a distance of 30 meters. Playback is from one device. Therefore, OutLoud creates a collaborative playlist for friends in the same room.

You make a playlist, your friends add their tracks from Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud, and you're ready to go crazy. Tracks can be moved forward in the queue by voting.


Quorus helps you listen to music together and manage your live playlist. You can specify how many people can join a session or even password-protect its access. You can also join someone else's session.

As usual, everything is free, but you need a subscription to Spotify.


This application does not quite correspond to the article's subject, but still. With Odesli, you can easily share a track regardless of the streaming service.

The service creates a unique page for each track, from where the user can launch it in a convenient service: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, and others.


Starting with iOS 15, FaceTime introduced the ability to share music from Apple Music.

This is done, as usual, through SharePlay. And you can not only listen to music with your friends but also watch movies and series.

As you can see, listening to music at a distance with friends is not difficult. The main thing is to have a subscription to the same streaming service.

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