AdGuard for Android - Premium 3 Months Free

AdGuard for Android

AdGuard for Android

AdGuard anti-banner for Android free for 3 months - a unique version. Get all the Premium Features of Internet Filter & Firewall for Mobile Devices.

AdGuard for Android is an Internet filter, anti-tracking, and firewall for mobile devices that protect you from ads, malicious and phishing sites, online tracking in a web browser when working on a smartphone or tablet on the Internet.

Main features of AdGuard for Android

  • Adguard can block all types of ads, not only in browsers but also in games and applications!
  • The Anti-tracking module is responsible for protecting your privacy on the Internet. Adguard will prevent your online activity from being tracked.
  • With the help of the Adguard firewall, you can fully control the access of applications to the Internet.
  • The mobile application is effortless, convenient, and understandable.
  • Protection against malicious and phishing sites. Adguard will prevent you from downloading potentially dangerous applications and files and prevent you from becoming a victim of scammers.
  • The application speeds up the loading of web pages. Without unnecessary elements, they open faster.
  • Adguard really makes the Internet more comfortable and safer for the user.

AdGuard for Android - Premium for 3 months for free

The offer is valid if you install the application for the first time. If this application is already installed on the phone, you must first uninstall it and then install it from this page.

To get a free AdGuard for Android license for 3 months:

Download a particular trial version using the link below:

You have to wait 60 seconds.

System requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Android TV

  • After installing and completing the quick setup, select Get a free trial, enter your email address, and click Activate.
  • The trial Premium version is activated for 3 months.

Offer Terms

  • The offer is valid if you install the trial version of the application for the first time.
  • The full functionality of the Android version is available for free for 3 months without priority AdGuard support.

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