7 Services for Building Site Heat Maps

Heat Maps

Building Site Heat Maps

All site owners know how important it is to monitor and study the statistics of resource visits. But not everyone thinks that there are other tools for studying the behavior of visitors, which can also directly affect the conversion.

In this post, I'll talk about heat mapping services that can help you find out which parts of your site your visitors interact with the most.


With the help of this service, you will be able to better understand why sales visitors are not converting. You can create click, scroll, attention, geography, and movement maps.

In addition to creating maps, Mouseflow can replay the visitor session. So you can see in real-time how this or that person works on your resource.

Mouseflow can be used to create conversion funnels, surveys, and testimonials.

Cost: There are free plans. The paid version starts from €24 per month.


In general, this is a set of tools for conversion optimization, but it also has heat maps. You can track clicks, mouse movements, and scrolling. Using Plerdy, you can track the visitor's path, which will make it possible to optimize the arrangement of elements on the page.

In addition to maps, there is an SEO checker tool, conversion funnels, a popup form generator, and more.

Cost: There is a free plan. The paid version starts at $23 per month.

Attention Insight

The maps of this service will help optimize the design and layout of your site. Attention Insight creates attention maps using AI (where without it), which display actions with key elements of the site as a percentage.

In addition to regular maps, the service can create heat maps for videos. This way you can analyze how visitors interact with videos and ads.

The service also has a clarity rating, which gives an understanding of how convenient and easy your site is for new visitors.

Cost: €19 per month.

Visitor Analytics

This is a full-fledged analytics service that can also create heat maps. You can track clicks, taps, scrolls, and mouse movements.

Visitor Analytics is great for resources with a bunch of identical pages, such as a product listing. Because you can set up tracking for all such pages at the same time.

In addition, it is possible to record visitor sessions on the site, create various surveys, and much more.

Cost: There is a free plan. Subscriptions start at $10.39 per month.


This is the only service in the collection that is 100% dedicated to creating heat maps. You can track clicks, movements, and scrolls with separation by the user device.

Created maps can be downloaded and sent to colleagues or clients. User sessions are recorded for future analysis. There are tools for creating surveys.

Cost: There is a free plan. Paid starts from €31 per month.


This is a fairly popular web analytics tool that also has the ability to create heat maps.

The advantage of Clicky is that you can segment maps by specific parameters. For example, by users who have completed a specific goal. This helps to optimize the conversion because you clearly understand what actions led to a successful result.

Cost: There is a free plan. Paid starts at $9.99 per month.

Lucky Orange

This service positions itself as an all-in-one solution for conversion optimization. Hence, there are heatmaps to track clicks, scrolls, and movements.

It is possible to open an overlay on any page of your site and see the behavior of visitors on it in real-time. You can also segment cards by device type.

The service has other useful tools: chat, session recording, conversion funnel, and much more.

Cost: There is a free plan. Paid starts at $10 per month.

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