6 Apps to Create Collages on Your Smartphone



Until recently, creating a collage, even from two photographs, required manual labor. Today, many applications make it faster, better, and more accessible. You can add animation, music, video, or text.

Pic Collage

This application will find hundreds of collage patterns, backgrounds, templates, and layout grids divided into genres and categories. The interface of Pic Collage is easy to understand, and you can easily create a collage and share it on social networks.

The built-in photo editor will help you edit photos, add pictures and frames to them, and apply effects.

You will have to watch ads in the free version, and a watermark is added to the final photos. The paid version does not have this, but some additional features are added (like stickers).


This application is suitable for creating professional collages. There is a rich selection of tools, features, and templates to achieve the desired result.

Canva lets you choose the aspect ratio of your photo to display correctly in your Facebook or Instagram banner.

Immediately after choosing a platform for publishing, the application will give you several templates with text and images by default. From which, you can start dancing to create your own unique collage.


Try this app if you need custom markups for collages.

Diptic has tons of templates to help you tell your story. You can adjust the color and size of frames, cell borders, fonts, and much more.

You can use photos, live photos, and videos in one template. You can adjust the video quality, edit the image, add a song from iTunes, and save this template for future use.

You can combine up to nine photos in one project and apply 200 templates to them.


It is a free (to a certain extent) application in which you can edit an image before adding it to a collage.

In Moldiv, you get access to processing tools such as cropping, exposure, sharpness, brightness, and many filters. You can combine up to 16 photos in a collage and add about 300 frames.

The application has a camera to immediately shoot and create collages.

The free version has ads and an intrusive offer to subscribe.


One of the best apps in this collection. PhotoGrid has 15 different template themes: a la Snapchat, classic, scrapbook, 3D postcards. All this can be decorated with filters and various elements.

You can also choose a template depending on the social network aspect ratio. After adding a photo, you can add stickers and shapes to the background.

You can add up to 15 photos at once choose between 300 layouts, 200 templates, and hundreds of filters.

The free version has ads.


The official Instagram app for posting to Instagram. There are not many familiar things here, but this application is indispensable as a convenient tool for posting on Instagram.

You can work with nine images simultaneously and apply up to 10 styles to them, as well as various frames, borders and just retouch the photo a little.

After adding photos, you can change their location frame size, rotate, and reflect.

When everything is ready, the collage can be quickly uploaded to Instagram. When everything is prepared, the college can be uploaded soon to Instagram.

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