5 online services for comparing text documents

Text Documents

Text Documents

Sometimes there is an urgent need to compare two texts to quickly find differences. For this, there are special services that allow you to upload documents in various formats and find differences between them. I found several free such services.


Works with various formats (DOC, RTF, PDF, PPT, and others). Just upload the source to the left block and the corrected version to the right. And click the Compare button to see all the differences highlighted in red and green.

With it, you can even see differences in text style. There is also the possibility of synchronous scrolling of both documents. There are various modes for more convenient viewing of content.

The found differences can be displayed in PDF. You can also show the result to other people by sending them a link.


Allows you to work with file types such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You can even compare texts with markup (HTML and Python). You can also just copy and paste texts to see their differences.

You can customize some settings for yourself. You can also download the comparison result in HTML format and share it with anyone.

If the available features are not enough for you, then for a fee, you can expand them.

PDF24 Tools

The service is generally designed to work with PDF files, but it works great with other formats. You will be able to upload the file either from your computer or from cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive).

In addition, here, you can find many other valuable tools for working with PDF (for example, to merge or split a PDF document, extract pages from it, convert to another format, etc.).


Another online service allows you to find differences in texts and merge documents, making them completely identical.

You can also manually edit your text. And, of course, share the result of the comparison with others by sending a link.


As a rule, this service is used for code comparison, but it also allows you to compare ordinary text documents.

The result can be sent by email or shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

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