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One way to relive an iconic moment is to turn a set of photos into a mini-movie. In this case, you will need applications to create slideshows.

With their help, you can quickly turn many photos or videos into a slideshow with text, effects, transitions, and music. And so, I made a selection of such applications for Android and iOS.

Google Photos

Google Photos has many valuable features, one of them is the slideshow generator. The application has simple editing features that quickly create a fantastic slideshow.

The application is made for beginners and will help you quickly find or download the photos you need. You can add pictures, videos, music (own and built-in) to the project. You can also choose how long each image is displayed.

To create a slideshow, you need to add images to a folder in the order you want them to appear. Then just create an mp4 video.

Movavi Clips

This is an advanced video editor that can create cool slideshows with music. You can add transitions, filters, and themed stickers to your project. You can crop photos and videos, add digital makeup music, retouch and combine multiple slide shows into one.

A simple interface makes it easy to find the tools you need to work on your video.


With MoShow, you can easily create a slideshow and share it on social networks. The result of the work can be saved as a GIF or a looped video and quickly sent to Facebook, Instagram, or VK. You can also make vertical or square slideshows.

There are many text layers, transitions, and effects in the set. It is possible to crop the photo.


If you're looking for a feature-rich slideshow app, then PicPlayPost might be your choice. It helps you create slideshows up to 30 minutes long.

Transitions, regular stickers, GIF stickers, filters, effects, and more. You can cut video and music. There is support for high-resolution video (up to 4K) and the ability to quickly send the result to social networks, email, or YouTube.

PicPlayPost has templates for quickly creating slide shows if you are too lazy to do something.

Scoompa Video

One of the best apps for creating complex video slideshows on Android. So much so that you can edit the video after saving.

The app is easy to navigate, thanks to gesture control. There is support for sending videos to social networks, video previews, and the ability to work offline.

The set has many fonts, animated frames, filters, and stickers.

You don't have to have excellent skills or a complicated slideshow app. Sometimes it's enough just to combine photos and videos together to get the result.

However, with the help of such applications, the slideshow will not be so bland. After all, you can add effects, transitions, music, and much more. And then quickly send the video to friends on social networks.

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