TeraBox - 1024 GB cloud storage for free


TeraBox (formerly Dubox Cloud Storage) provides free cloud storage for photo backups, document storage, and video files. The Free account includes 1 TB of cloud storage.

TeraBox is a subsidiary of Baidu Cloud, China's largest cloud storage service provider.

1,024 GB is more than 300,000 photos, more than 250 films, or 6.5 million document pages.

Get 1TB of secure TeraBox cloud storage for free and take advantage of automatic photo backups to avoid data loss.

An interesting feature of the TeraBox service is the ability to remotely download files in the service web interface.

With the help of remote download, you can download files remotely both using the usual HTTPS protocol and the BitTorrent protocol, including using a magnet link.

1 TB of cloud storage for free
To get 1 TB of free cloud storage from the TeraBox service, follow these steps:

Install the TeraBox and complete the registration.

App for ;

In addition to the mobile application, you can also use the web interface to create an account.{alertSuccess}

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