CPUz Pro for Android - Free License

CPUz Pro for Android

CPUz Pro is an application for getting detailed information about your Android mobile device. The tool shows information about the operating system, processor, display, sensors, camera, network, and other components of a smartphone or tablet.

CPUz Pro for Android is a useful application for obtaining extended information about an Android device. With it, you can find out all the details about the software and hardware of your phone or tablet.

Main features of CPUz Pro for Android
  • Operating system information.
  • Information about frequency, architecture, and processor usage.
  • Information about the resolution and aspect ratio of the screen.
  • Graphics processor information.
  • Analysis of the use of RAM.
  • Information about the built-in memory and the connected memory card.
  • Battery voltage, capacity, and temperature readings.
  • Information about the sensors of the device.
  • Widget in the notification bar.{alertInfo}

Free CPUz Pro license for Android
To get a free CPUz Pro license for Android (regular price 1.67 USD) do the following:

Go to the application page in the Play Store using the link below:

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