Avira Prime (antivirus, VPN, optimization) for 3 months for free

Avira Prime

Free Avira Prime subscription for 3 months for 5 devices (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS supported). Get all Avira premium software including antivirus, VPN, PC optimization, and more.

Avira Prime users automatically have access to the latest Avira services for security, privacy, and high performance.

Free Avira Prime license
To get a free Avira Prime license for 5 devices for 3 months, follow these steps for free:

click the Accept All Cookies button and enter your email address (this will be used for your Avira account).

2. Next, click the Get Avira Prime button to receive your license key.

3. In the email you received, follow the Accept and install link and register your new Avira account.

4. Then download and install Avira Prime for the selected platform. You can also manage your settings on the Subscriptions page in your Avira Account.

Terms of the offer
  • Use Avira Prime on 5 devices with different operating systems at once.
  • Avira Prime will automatically expire after 3 months. No cancellation required.
  • Updates for all programs are available during the term of the license.{alertInfo}

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