Airdrop of Frostpunk - Free Download - Full Version


Epic Games Store gives away free survival simulation game - Frostpunk.

Frostpunk is a survival and city-building game developed by 11-bit studios.

In Frostpunk, players take on a leadership role in an alternate history of the late 19th century in which they must build and maintain a city during a worldwide volcanic winter, manage resources, and explore their city's neighborhoods to find resources. The game has several scenarios, each with its own story and different objectives.

As the ruler of the last city on earth, you will manage its inhabitants and infrastructure. What decisions will you make in the name of survival? How will you behave at a turning point? Who will you become?

Review aggregator Metacritic rated Frostpunk at 84.

Airdrop of Frostpunk

To obtain a free license for the game Frostpunk, follow these steps:

  • In the lower right corner of the game description, click the Get button.

If you do not have an Epic Games Store account, please register using any of the following methods.

  • In the checkout window, click the Checkout button.

Download(below) and install Epic Games Launcher and sign in to install the game on your computer.

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